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The introduction of glass as a medium, to be used either alone or in conjunction with wood, is a move to develop new structures for the garden.

Lorraine Keeler is a local artist who creates handcrafted pieces in glass. In addition to developing ways of introducing glass into garden structures the range of items she creates is extensive, and includes jewellery, bowls, pictures and panels for walls and doors.

Using the extensive range of colours available in Art and Dichroic glass with the addition of metals and powders, and the techniques of hot fusing and slumping, make every piece unique.

Lorraine has been developing her craft and skills over the past five years, having been inspired by the way that glass can be worked on its own and with other materials, to create objects of beauty.

Work is carried out on a commission basis and examples of her work can be seen on this site. You are welcome to visit her, but please call first for an appointment.

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